Friday, November 27, 2009


Since the 80's Brian Germain (Hey that's me!) has been bringing professional quality art to the masses. In the year 1999 however the culmination of that art developed into what would be the start of a company whose basic idea was that for every company out there NOT accepting artists and writers who have never been published before, there were at least a dozen artists and writers who had never been published before. The idea for a company like "Image" was in Brian's mind five years before that particular company's inception. Now with concept for a company that involved scouting and publishing unknown creative talent. Dark Elf Designs was born. The road is sometimes long and oft wrought with peril but through it all we have managed to stay afloat and experience growth, in even the toughest of economic times. And we will weather this storm as well. We have watched major companies like CROSSGEN and CHAOS fold up and close their doors. While creators from those companies have thrived thus proving it's not the company that's the most important thing, it's the creators involved. Dark Elf Designs would like to wish a warm holiday greeting to everyone that has supported over the years and ask for your continued support through the years. We couldn't have done many of the great thigns we've accomplished without the creators and fans of Dark Elf Designs. Stay tuned to upcoming projects and Join our forum for more information.

Happy Holidays from everyone at Dark Elf Designs to all of you