Monday, May 23, 2011

Argh Thar Be Comics Off The Port Bow Matey!

Dark Elf Designs is proud to announce the the launch of Veteran Member Ozzy Longoria's new blog site Sails of Blood. This new blog is part of a release in conjunction with Ozzy's latest creator owned comic of the same name. Sails of Blood, will undoubtedly be full of the hard hitting action and great art that Ozzy is quickly becoming known for. When questioned about the site and storyline further Ozzy let us in on the fact that this storyline is actually a pre-cursor to an epic story that has been nearly ten years in the making. Arrrr we excited? You Bet your booty matey, YOHO!

For more information check out the Sails of Blood Blogsite to keep updated by clicking here<===
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