Sunday, December 10, 2006

Randy Rages in theU.K.!!!

Our Very Own Randy Zimmerman comics veteran with the Arrow Comics claim to fame has had one of his older books reviewed recently and I think it is a great example of what you might be missing if you aren't familiar with Randy's work. So if you missed it before check out this review of Caliber Comics War of the Worlds "Haven and the Hellweed" written by Randy Zimmerman.
Another great title that was reviewed by this site was Randy's other War of the Worlds title "The Memphis Front" from Arrow Comics

-Brian Germain

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

En Memoriam

Dave Cockrum age 63 passed away yesterday of complications due to diabetes. He will be sorely missed by many of our staff and fans alike. As a major contributor to books like the X-Men Dave captured many hearts and minds on his comic journey's and now he must start a new one. We'll miss you Dave.

In Memory of Dave Cockrum

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Dark Elf Designs Interview!

Hey Guys Check out the interview in Brant Fowler's Indy-Pendant column on comics avalanche Brant does Q & A with our Very own Brian Germain about everyone's favorite indy comic company.

Also We have been talking with the President of Shocker Toys about joining their wave of Indy action figures.

and last but not least we have been in talks with the creator of a of a horror film in the spirit of the original friday the thirteenth or nightmare on elm street movies and if all goes well maybe we'll be doing the graphic novel based on the film.

Plus yet even more great news we will soon be unveiling something that no one else is really doing (aside from japan) and we'll be doing it ina way that is rarely done anymore.

William Messner-Loebs and Brian Germain have been kicking out some more illustrations for our sister company COM publishing in order to make one of their imprints (Sword and Science) debuts "Legerdemain" as successful as possible.

Keep checking back for more updates to come!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

J.S. Earls Revolutionary Writer!

Hey everyone surf on over to Silver Bullet Comics and check out my interview with our very own J.S. Earls creator of PISTOLFIST from ALIAS comics! Click the Link Below (or you may have to paste it into your browser) to check out what Jeff had to say.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Revolutionary Comics!

What's that you say? you haven't gotten your Copy of Pistolfist: the Revolutionary Warrior #1 yet? Well could be that it's sold out now! Well maybe not but don't find out from me find out from our very Jeff Earls Creator of Pistolfist and Co-Writer David Alan Flanary Jr. Better yet why don't you head on over to Alias Enterprises and check it out for yourself!

And Hey while your at it why don't you swing by Indy Planet and Pick up a copy of Roberto Armstrong's ShadowStorm illustrated by Darryl Anderson and killer colors by Neptali. Published by Core Studios in association with us Dark Elf Designs.


Friday, September 15, 2006

NEW!!! Dark Elf Designs WALL CALENDAR for 2007!!!

Come and order your brand new Dark Elf Designs Wall Calendar for 2007 available now from Dark Elf Designs and Cafepress, featuring the artwork of Brian Germain! And Check out or other NEW products while your there!

Click Here to ORDER! or paste this into your browser,

Monday, September 11, 2006

New Places, New Things!

Ok a little update we are getting ready to change domain name pointers so if the website is inaccessible for a day or three try the direct link also there are some new pictures in the Galleries under Brian Germain in gallery 1 there are some more comic updates and that gallery is going to move back to it's own "comic books" section off the main page. there is one new picture in the Brian germain fantasy gallery and two more in the erotica gallery as well as one more in the superhero gallery..

Thanks for dropping by, there will be a good big update coming soon!


Friday, August 04, 2006

Comic Book Signing!

When?: Saturday, August 19th - Noon til 5pm (or later

Where?: COMIC RELIEF in Burton, MI

What's New?: Will be promoting the full sized The Sorrow anthology, as well as other upcoming books and projects from Dark Elf Designs Including our sister company Sword & Science publishing such projects as Legerdemain and more We will also talk about our upcoming full color book* Grimmstone as wp coming to the site RANDOM AXE of VIOLET'S... (here's a sneak peek)

Who'll be there?: Brian Germain -MoonShadow(confirmed), Roberto Armstrong - Bushi, Shadow Storm(confirmed), William Loebs- The MAXX, The Flash, Wonder Woman(confirmed)

Why Should I Attend?: COMICS MAN! COMICS!!!!

Monday, May 22, 2006

The Motor City Aftermath... and An introduction to Rage!!

I would love to say that the Motor City Convention was a smash success because in many ways it was We had William Loebs (writer on THE MAXX) and several others with us. Novelist P.S. Ramsey was on hand to sign her new primer preview book for her "Legerdemain" Novel. We also had the Dark Elf Debut of "The Sorrow" Created by J.S. Earls for more information CLICK HERE We Showed up at the Motor City Convention with No printas and half a table less than we had bought not to mention the 1/2 tables that we got were spread over four rows instead of right next to each other. Thanks to Roberto of Core Studios who came up with a great solution for setting up so everyone was all good then. About the time we got set up was when I realized I had not brought any prints to the show.

All in all though things Still went well at the show and 2 time Pullitzer prize nominee Mark Messler came to the show and stopped by the booth to chat it up with yours truly I also recieved a great Moonshadow sketch by Art Baltazar whom you may know as the creator of "Patrick the Wolf Boy" God willing I will put that up later.

Now I'd like to introduce everyone to my Newest creation that I am working on Hopefully he will be a great character in his own upcoming full color comic/ graphic novel everyone, meet GRIMMSTONE!

if you can't view him here check out my MySpace page

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Absence of Presence

Spring is well... springing! and any Dark Elf Fans and many members know what this means.. it's the spring edition of the Motor City Comic Convention. for those of you who didnt get money to us in time to join the group just ask to be by Derek Baillie, Brian Germain, Roberto Armstrong and that should just about do it but there are no guarantees beyond this point.

I have been ultimately preparing myself for a move in venue for my personal life in addition I have been cleaning off my dinosaur of a computer that is incredibly full of dark elf related material, and attempting to switch over to a newer faster stronger much meaner machine. this new mahine will also help me fix some e-mail problems many of you maybe realize the e-mail is bouncing alot... why you ask? because it is getting that full, that fast!!! anyway dont think by any means that we are down for the count because from where I am standing we are just getting started. However if we have been too busy to get back to you just keep resubmitting or sending us information every month or so and we will do our best. forgive our dust and currently slow turn around times.


Monday, February 13, 2006

Dark Elf Goes Full Throttle into 2006

First off lemme apologize for being impossible to reach as of late. I'd like to say that it wasn't on purpose but parts of it were. Between being very busy and dealing with real life I haven't been able to focus on the web aspects of the company like I'd like to.

With that in mind Let me let you in on the latest and greatest news that I have to share. Aside from the spring edition of the Motor City Convention Speeding it's way toward us at a rapid pace, 2006 will bring us into new territory with Dark Elf Designs. Long awaited contracts have been nearly finished in the polishings we hope to get them out before the convention. A new year brings new investors, new members, and new potential investors. I am hoping these contracts will help seperate the men from the boys and the women from the girls by keeping those who are really serious about sticking with it and making something, and getting rid of those who are just on the website because it helps make them look credible. Though this is partly what the website is about I want people to make no mistake we ARE a business with the interest of making money and now we are a corporation so the interest in making money has grown. this has it's ups and downs obviously but hopefully in this instance the ups will outweigh the downs. Those who aren't serious about doing good work will not benefit much but those who are will benefit a great deal.

On a sad Note I have just found out that Jasmine Grey a beautiful person model and friend of mine from the conventions died in a car accident on december 10th if you know who she is and would like to make donations to her family for a headstone please check out

On a brighter not however I have just re-aquired an investor for "The Sorrow" #0 by J.S. Earls and crew. If I can attain the book again Jeff and his crew have waited patiently for over a year to get this important piece of literature published. so hopefully there is no more complications with it. We may even truy to solicit to Diamond once more after it is published(printed) but at this point I am not holding my breath.

I am also still crossing my fingers from the investor as a said agreement isn't always a sound one but this one looks pretty secure so anyway hope you are all having a decent year so far and I look forward to the rest of this one.

-Brian Germain