Saturday, December 22, 2007

End of Year Shutdown

Starting December 26th and ending January 14th Dark Elf Designs will have a midwinter shutdown. What does this mean exactly? Well the site will still be up and some of DED's member's will be reachable. Brian Germain will be out of town for about three weeks and therefore unreachable. feel free to send e-mail still but don't expect a swift reply and don't be surprised if your e-mail bounces back to you the mailbox fills up fast. When we return we will be scheduling a live Michigan member meeting as well as a web based meeting done via the yahoo group or yahoo messenger or some other predetermined chat client. AIM, MSN, YAHOO, TRILLIAN, etc. For our customers, our Cafepress Store will remain open (check out the online store and banner links for more info) and our nooks will still be available through, The only thing that is changing is re-organizing the business profile, doing inventory and doing contracts. for everything else including the MySpace page it's business as usual. for our partner companies and affiliates please go check their websites for more information. By the way while you're having a Happy Holiday please be sure to drop by and check out the preview of the MoonShadow #0 comic as well as The Gryphon #0 preview.

Thanks for your patience and please check back for more news and Information.

Friday, December 07, 2007

The Death of The Man, The Legend Lives On.

Many great people have been lost in the last few years. Mike Wieringo, Dave Cockrum, Johnny Cash, the list of legendary figures is lengthy at best. But this year just months after his interview in USA Today, Another Man of Legendary stature in his own time passes into legend. Evel Knievel, known in everything from comic books to lunch boxes, clothing, TV Specials, toys and action figures, in the 70's he was a pop culture Icon I even remember owning Evel and Robbie Knievel Action Figures and stunts cycles as well as even an Evel Knievel bicycle. as all great things find their endings so too must the living story of Evel Knievel he passed away December 30th 2007 after a long battle with a terminal Illness. Gone from this earth his legend will live on.

Read the full Press release below...

Friday, November 30 marked the end of what will forever be remembered as the longest and most courageous battle between one man, a man we all know as the world's greatest daredevil, and death. Robert Craig "Evel" Knievel died in Clearwater, Florida, finally succumbing after nearly a three-year bout with the terminal lung disease, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. He was 69.

His death was preceded by more than 40 years of constant battle against the persistent pain of broken bones and severe trauma after jumping and crashing motorcycles like no man had ever done before. In addition, he fought to overcome the tremendous obstacles of diabetes, hepatitis C, a liver transplant, numerous surgeries and two strokes.

Knievel's legacy as America's Legendary Daredevil, Last of the Gladiators, and King of the Stuntmen will undeniably live on among millions of fans, past, present and future. However, the memories of the man apart from his legend will live on even stronger in the hearts of his friends and family. Despite his well-known swagger of self confidence, the legacy he wished for most of all was simply to be an inspiration.

"The fame of great men ought to be judged always by the means they used to acquire it."

By this maxim, nothing will ever be able to take away or challenge the things accomplished by Evel Knievel.

Whether it was unmatched courage or just an absolute unwillingness to give in to fear, Robert Craig Knievel was a man's man through all the days of his life. He took great pride in the simply stated, yet most difficult to accomplish principles: always living up to his word, never shirking the responsibility or consequences for his actions regardless of the personal risk, and never, not ever, failing to stop trying.

Knievel was born in Butte, Montana on October 17, 1938 to Robert Edward and Ann (Keough) Knievel. He and his younger brother Nic were raised by the loving family of paternal grandparents Ignatius and Emma Knievel.

Growing up and living in Butte were some of the most valued times of his life. His fame took him far and wide across the country and even over seas, but Knievel never let go of the love and pride he had for his hometown.

Growing up in a blue-collar mining town, Knievel attended Butte public schools before serving in the U.S. Army reserves. As a young man he was always an exceptional athlete, hard worker and determined individual. Knievel explored and excelled in many different professions, if only for a short time, before finding his calling as the ultimate daredevil.

During his prime as a bona fide celebrity, Knievel enjoyed his spoils to the highest. He loved fast cars, private airplanes, fancy yachts and the finest clothes and jewelry money could buy. He was sought out by Hollywood and remained friends with many famous people until his death.

In the end, he had a few regrets, but he always sincerely strived to do the right thing. He never forgot who his real friends were. He never forgot his love for his family. And he never forgot the place from where he came, what he'd learned or what others had done to help him get to where he did. The red, white and blue for which he is famous were a tribute to his Butte character as much as they were for America. In his last years, one of the greatest honors was being able to share his hometown with his world of fans and to participate and take pride in the celebration of his annual event, "Evel Knievel Days."

He dearly loved his grandchildren and he always made it a point to stay in touch with the people he loved the most, his friends and family. And lastly, most important to him above all was his new-found faith in Jesus Christ. Just as he always took great care in surrounding himself with the best people he could depend upon to help him make his jumps during his motorcycle career, Knievel found his greatest friend of all in preparation for his final leap from life. He was profoundly happy that he gave his life to God, who comforted him and gave him the strength he needed to make it through the end.

Knievel is survived by his loyal friend and wife, Krystal Kennedy-Knievel, whom he married in 1999. She stood by his side through his greatest struggles with health until his death. He will also be very missed by sidekick, "Rocket," his pet Maltese, as well as Rocket's brother, "Squirt." Knievel's in-laws include Krystal's mother Sylvia and her husband Wayne Croft; father Glen Kennedy, and Krystal's sister Shawn and husband Rory with their two children.

He is also survived by his former wife and dear friend of 38 years, Linda Bork Knievel. Though they divorced, Linda and Evel had four children that all made them proud. Son, Kelly Knievel and daughter-in-law Shelli with granddaughter Lily; son, Robbie Knievel and granddaughters Krysten and Karmen, with great-granddaughter Analiese; daughter Tracey and son-in-law Mitch McCloud with grandchildren Josiah, Jesse, Melody, Cody, Cole, Casey and Dusty with wife Rachel and great-granddaughter Lucy; and his youngest daughter Alicia, with son-in-law Matt Vincent and grandchildren Madelyn, Jaicee, Rye and his sixteenth grandchild expected this June.

Other surviving family members include his stepmother, Mrs. Robert Edward Knievel; brother, Nic and his wife Rusty; sister, Kristy and brother-in-law Hugh Lawrence; sister, Renee and brother-in-law Bill Slaughter; sister Robin and brother-in-law John Dick; and sisters Loretta Young and Kadie Boney. His is also survived by numerous nieces, nephews, extended family, friends and his millions and millions of fans.

Public services will be held for family, friends and fans at the Butte Civic Center at 11:00 a.m. on Monday, December 10th. A private Christian burial and graveside services will take place at the Mountain View Cemetery.

Media Contact for press arrangements: Pat Kearny 406-490-0688

Friday, November 30, 2007

XcapeCON After Words

XcapeCON1 went really great, everyone had a good time it seems. we are in the planning stages for XcapeCON2...
here is some of the feedback we recieved about the convention.....

-Random Blogger- (Ronaldj)

I went to birch run last night... ... a little small, about thirty tables, mostly local artest and books...they were cool, got about 5 different comics to give a try....there were something like five stores that had desplays, so lots of long boxes of books. the big names were fat mama and Messner-Loebs, got his autograph and talked to him for a minite.
picked up a few art pics and couple of toys.. in all a good time, glad it was close to home, took about two hours i did go friday at 3 and was gone by 5:30, so maybe that is why it was a little slow, few tables were not up and running yet. some display people were setting up. I did not want to stay for the rock and roll (old ) but in all worth the six bucks...

C. Manolete-

Hello everybody,
As you may well already know, The day Manolete was Killed performed last weekend at the birch run expo center as a part of XcapeCon comic and pop culture convention. it was a wonderful day filled with sweaty pubescent boys, past their prime adult film stars, amigo electric scooters, and "free seconds" of spaghetti at big boy. although all of this was cool, i think the night reached its crescendo when the power failed halfway through our second song...... perhaps it iissss posible to rock too hard. anyways, i hope your all having great days, and if you couldnt make it to the show ( which is all of you >:(
check out the video recap. see you soon.


I just went to the Xcape Con, at the Birch Run Expo Center... And wadda experience that was!

There was this one guy who had a zillion $.50 comics, another guy who was practically giving comics away at $1.00 each, and from there I got a comic from a friend of mine... And walked away with-out even a penny in my name!

I also met Fat Momma, from Season 1, of Stan Lee's TVseries: Who Wants To Be A Super-Hero? She was nice to meet, though I thought her comics were on the expensive side... I made sure I bought issue #1, and got a picture with her...

I also met Brett Pinson, from: Boomtown Press, who was interested in maybe doing a short story with me in an upcoming comic of his... All fingers crossed, hopefully we'll be able to work something out, and do a comic together!

Well that's all she wrote for today... Hopefully I can post some art some-time soon.

Alison Mohler-

Woah, what a weekend! For the first con I've held a table at (my second comic con ever!) I think I did better than what I expected. I made my table money back, plus some :3 I also met tons of great peeps who were a blast to be around.

Derek Baillie-

Kudos to you guys putting together the show. I was actually pretty well impressed. Given how little time you had you did a great job of getting it going. Given all the circumstances, and the fact that it was a first try, I really think it came off quite well. The really cool thing is that I didn't hear a single real complaint. Everyone fully understood what was going on and everyone seemed to be looking forward to the next go-round.

Thanks for a good time at the show... looking forward to next time!

Larry Lonsby-

Xcape CON 1 was a blast! Really enjoyed the
atmosphere, as well as the networking with different
people. Looking forward to next year's show!!!

Anastasia Chatzka-

I would come back and do the con again. Espically if it was bigger with more customers :) I did well though with the amount of people we had.....keep me posted on any shows comming up.


Levi Hinton-

Had a wonderful time. I was only there for a day, but it was great experience. and now i know what to expect for next year. and i will have MUCH more ready, and be much more prepared. thank you -sign out-

Rivertown Entertainment-

Xcape Con: November 2-3, 2007; Birch Run Expo Center, Birch Run, Michigan: This is the new con on the block here in Michigan, and for a first show they did a super good job. There was a great guest list, a good amount of vendors doing different aspects of the con world, and there was a decent crowd of shoppers, fanboys, and curious onlookers. It was nice to run across Randy Zimmerman ("Spank The Monkey" comics) as well as Brett Pinson (Boomtown Comics) and Layne Toth ("Faith: Warrior Princess") again; it has been too long in all three cases. I also got to meet some nice new people as well, including Terrell Culbert from "All-Girl Gang War" and his model entourage, newcomer anime artist Allison Mohler (I hope you can do Jafax next June!), and metal and chainmail artist Amanda Shaw (great stuff--her and I will do a jewelry line soon). I was quite pleased with the show and thought it went very well when considered that it was a first year show--I have attended five year old shows that were just terrible and this one was enjoyable and well run. It was also nicely priced for the fans at the door--only $6 to get in, so that was nice. I am hoping that the promoters are able to do another similar show next year. I also hope that these three young Michigan shows--Thriller Chiller, Xcape, and Youmacon--can coordinate to be on different weekends in 2008 so that the fans can attend all three of them and I can hit all three shows next year as well. Here is hoping.

Tony Miello-

Hey Brian,

I had a great time at the show and would do it again if you had it next year. I do think that the show and the guest would be better served if the gates opened at 9am and closed earlier then 8pm.

I think next year, with more planning and more time to promote, the show will draw better. Get a couple of top flight comic artist and the show will become a must attend for fans.



Marc Nischan-

Hi Brian,

Heh! Fortunately everyone spoke English, so I didn't have to worry about
Elven after all! You can put my name next to my quote if you want to. :)

I thought the show was well organized and professional, the staff were
good people, and the table prices were good for the size of the show. It
was obvious that you put a lot of work in to it. I would definitely come
back next year, and I can see the show growing in size and notoriety in
the future.

Best of luck!


Brian Wilson-


Mark Bloodworth-


Thanks for the invite to be a guest for the inaugural Xcape-Con 1. I had
great time and look forward to setting up again next year. Bigger and


Mark Bloodworth

501st Legion-

Brian, I just wanted to say Thank you again for letting us have a booth at your Convention. All of the 501st members that came on Saturday were shocked to see that you let us have such a good amount of space for it being the first Con. The Good word is already going around our site forums and the interest is being drumbed up for next yr.

again, thanks for everything. I hope next yr we could be there again for you. and help try to make it bigger and better then this yr.

Oh... Do you happen to have the info for the guy at the con who was takeing all the photos?? I thought he said He was going to send you the picks to send to us. But I was not sure. Thats what Diana thought she heard him say.

Any way, take care. I hope to see you at Xcape Con 2

Rob Brang
501st Legion, Michigan Squad

I had fun. If You need me again, I'll do it again.

Roi Klark- Thanks to DARK ELF for a great show. I really enjoyed it. I think the next one will be even better. Who cares if NOVI has one or not. The show...must go on. Hopefully, I will have my book done by the next one and can do a premiere.

The music was better the second day even though there weren't too many people. Shame.
And also, I hope to see more people. You know who you are. grrr :-)
If you're a Dark Elf member, drop me a word and say HI.


Rob- Hey Brian,
Had me a blasty blast @ CC on Sat. Got some funny zombie looks too :)

Roberto Armstrong-
Considering how little time you had to get it together, it turned out pretty good. It was cool to run into people we had't seen in awhile. We thank you for the opportunity to have been a part of the show!

Randy Zimmerman-

For a first time out it was a GREAT show!! Hope you decide to build on this experience and that there will be MANY more X-cape's to come! THANK YOU.

"Dude- it looks fantastic! I have really high hopes that this turns into something huge!"
-Matt Busch, Star Wars Artist

"So far the turnout of guests looks amazing, I almost can't believe we are putting out this caliber of show our first time around."
-Brian Germain, Dark Elf Designs Creator/Owner

Brett Pinson-
Hey Brian,
I thought it was a great show. alot of fun. I made money and talked to some great people. I'm excited to another one in the future. the only suggestion i have is maybe change the hours to end at 6 on saturday and start at 10 or 11. Other than that you guys treated everyone really great.

See you guys soon at a future con,

Brett Pinson


I had a great time at Xcape Con, I thought it was a great event! I had a wonderful time, and really appreciate you inviting me to be a part of it. You guys did a great job of putting it together. Thanks again, and keep in touch.



Future Gallery-

We had an incredible time! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Gryphon Rises and Xcape CON1 is just around the corner!

So by now you have all know that Moonshadow #0, J.S. Earls' (Creator Writer on PISTOLFIST) The Sorrow #0, Larry Lonsby's, Tezlon: The Swordsman, CORE Studios Bushi: Warrior Caste, and Shadowstorm can all be found on Indy Planet Just do a search for whatever title your looking for an Ka-Blam! there you are! Now the long awaited title from the Minds of David Allen Flanary Jr. Co-Writer on PISTOLFIST Brian Germain, Creator of MoonShadow, DreamWeaver, and founder of Dark Elf Designs. With Hot New Grunge artist Justin Faber, Would like you to all go buy a copy of The Gryphon Get yours today just in time for Xcape CON1 Then come to Xcape CON1 and get your Comics signed by some of their writers and artists!

Monday, July 16, 2007


Hosted By:
Dark Elf Designs
When: Monday July 21st, 2007
at 11:00 am to 7:00 PM
Where: Comic Relief
G-4050 Fenton Rd.
Flint, MI 48507
United States

Mini- Convention

Sunday, June 17, 2007


The comics are finally up at the indy planet store... you can check them out here
Shadowstorm Preview:

Bushi: Warrior Caste

Moonshadow#0 variant

The Sorrow

and be sure to run over to the Tezlon site and checkout "The Swordsman"!

We will be doing a book signing July 21st,
At Comic Relief
G-4050 Fenton Rd.
Flint, Michigan 48507

Attending Guests include...
Bill Messner-Loebs (The Maxx, Flash, Wonderwoman)
Randy Zimmerman (Tales From the Aniverse, Spank the Monkey, Scenes from the club)
Larry Lonsby (Tezlon, Tezlon: the Swordsman)
Brian Germain (MoonShadow, The Gryphon)
Roberto Armstrong (Shadowstorm, Bushi: Warrior Caste)
Justin Faber (The Gryphon)
Christy Hans (Comics Obscura)
Gemma Keech (The Clay Shaper)
and more to be announced!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Tuesday, May 08, 2007
Artist, Writer and Creator Larry Lonsby Jr. is bringing his "World of Tezlon" to Dark Elf Designs. Joining forces with his Tezlon: The Swordsman, Tezlon: Glance of Time, and coming soon Tezlon: War of Darkness titles. You can check out more about Tezlon at Larry has been a Dark Elf Designs member since 2002. He has worked for several different companies, and is the head of Tezlon Comics.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Gryphon #0, The Sorrow Anthology, and MoonShadow #0

Soon on Indy Planet and thus this website you'll be able to order copies of Moonshadow#0 Variant Edition, The Sorrow (full anthology edition), and The Gryphon #0!

They Just went out to the printers and everything is looking pretty smooth. PISTOLFIST Creator and Dark Elf Member J.S. Earls presents four fabulous tales of childhood abuse, all from different authors and artists, in "The Sorrow" edited by Our own P. Anthony Mast.

Justin Faber makes his Graphical comic book Debut in "The Gryphon" the story of a man without an identity trying to help others figure out their identities! Sorcery, ESP, and a Dragon! How could a man with a near photographic memory like Jack Griffin forget who he is? find out in this beautifully illustrated "grunge" style book, starting with "The Gryphon #0".

Have you read the Phenomenon that is "MoonShadow" yet? You know the comic that sold over a thousand issues by hand? You know the one that sold 30 copies in the first thirty minutes it's box was opened? You Haven't? Well guess what! Today's your lucky day because the original "MoonShadow #0" with an all new variant edition cover has just been sent to the printer! and very soon you will be able to order all three of these great titles at

Come Play In Our Universe!

-Brian Germain

Friday, April 13, 2007

MoonShadow #0 Goes Web LIVE

Right now you can Check out MoonShadow #0 as it was originally printed starting at page one on CLICK HERE to start reading MoonShadow #0 now! up to page three is up and a new page is slated to go up every week!

Monday, January 15, 2007

ATTENTION: Writers, Artists, and Creators!

Setting an Idol fire!

by Ian Shires

Well, we have begin blowing the embers of the Idol bonfire, tossing on some new fuel, and guess what...the ol' contest has plenty of life to burst into a whole new flame in 2007. Analogies aside, it's looking like this year's going to be the biggest yet...both in participation, and media coverage. If you haven't seen elsewhere already, check out the Idol 07 page for the guidelines. We're so excited about it, we may just explode. So that's the lead story for the week: Idol Starting....Nuff Said!!! You'll note that we're back down to one ad over there to the right for the Kick Start this week. If we haven't made it clear: We'll post a FREE AD there of that size for a week. The Dimestore homepage is viewed tens of thousands of times a week. All you have to do is add a "Self Publisher Association" tag on your Comicspace - then let us know! Oh, and THANK YOU to Angry Dog Press for the PAID ad. We haven't seen many of those, and we really need them. I keep touting the hits we're getting...and folks, we jumped by over 100% on the per hour hits since last week due to Idol rummblings, this is a GREAT time to put up a cheap banner at the top of the site. Of the Banners in rotation right now, there are NONE that have been seen LESS than 15,000 times (one has 60,000 displays), nor been clicked FEWER than 200 times (and that's not the one viewed the least, oddly enough. That one has over 300 clicks recorded. Anyway, point being: Don't you want to be seen?

For More Information on the Joining up with the Small Press Idol check it out over here...