Friday, April 25, 2008

Dark Elf Designs Holds Open Call for Talent!

Dark Elf Designs is Searching for new talent to expand their talent pool. Applicants must be talented, driven, hard working, able to meet a deadline, willing to work for a percentage, willing to work on other people's stories not just their own, willing to sign a standard NDC (Non-Disclosure Agreement) if necessary, Willing to follow scripts and instruction where necessary and willing to believe they will be part of something greater than themselves. If you are too good to work for a percentage than I am afraid currently you must be too good to work for Dark Elf Designs. If you meet all the above criteria then you may be getting in on the ground floor of a ground breaking company that employs creative greats like William Messner-Loebs (the MAXX, Wonder Woman, The Flash) Eddy Newell (Black Lightning, Werewolf: The Apocolypse) J.S. Earls (Pistolfist, The Sorrow, Book 1: CHOSEN) Randy Zimmerman (SPANK the Monkey, War of The Worlds: Haven and the Hellweed, Tales from the Aniverse) Larry Lonsby (Tales of Tezlon) and more. If you can see yourself as part of such a team, are looking for more than just making a name for yourself, or trying to bank alot of money and would like to work with a group of creators with integrity that is looking to create something bigger than themselves, then maybe you are the new talent Dark Elf has been looking for.

You may contact Brian Germain with submission samples that can be linked to on the web please don't e-mail samples instead use a client like or or better yet just send links to your stuff on the web. You may also contact Larry Lonsby with samples and request an applicationg form from either of them. if they like your artwork, lettering, or writing samples they may send you a membership application to filll out and if they like it alot they may offer you a chance to earn your spot as a member of one of the fastest growing design/ comic companies in Michigan.

so stop by the website an learn a little more about the mystery of the Dark Elven Armada.