Friday, August 04, 2006

Comic Book Signing!

When?: Saturday, August 19th - Noon til 5pm (or later

Where?: COMIC RELIEF in Burton, MI

What's New?: Will be promoting the full sized The Sorrow anthology, as well as other upcoming books and projects from Dark Elf Designs Including our sister company Sword & Science publishing such projects as Legerdemain and more We will also talk about our upcoming full color book* Grimmstone as wp coming to the site RANDOM AXE of VIOLET'S... (here's a sneak peek)

Who'll be there?: Brian Germain -MoonShadow(confirmed), Roberto Armstrong - Bushi, Shadow Storm(confirmed), William Loebs- The MAXX, The Flash, Wonder Woman(confirmed)

Why Should I Attend?: COMICS MAN! COMICS!!!!