Thursday, November 21, 2013

What's New?

So what have we been up to lately? For your best opportunity to find out keep up with our Facebook page but for a little update we have a new site in the works, we have about ten new titles in production, and we are looking seriously at the prospect of having another convention. More to come soon.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Xcape reality

So where have you been lately? This question applies to what people could be asking me lately about myself, our comics, or blog, and last but perhaps even more importantly our convention. Well hourly we'll be answering all this and even more in the next few weeks. Till then might wanna follow us on Facebook.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Boston Marathon - Benefit Art Book

ATTENTION ARTISTS and VOLUNTEERS: We Need Your Help! Dark Elf Designs needs artist contributors and people to spread the word. We will be working on producing a benefit art book for the victims of the Boston Marathon tragedy. if you would like to be involved in the book please make sure all of your images are about 300 dpi and proportionate to 11"x 17" pages. Images can be black and white or full color. (due to limitations some images may not be used)

We are looking for uplifting pictures and powerful imagery featuring fire fighters, EMT's, Police, memorial pages, marathon runners, and any types of first responders doing what they do best.

This is for charity so it is non-paid, make sure you sign your work there will be room in the book for crediting the artists so include all credits. the deadline for entries is May 31st, and proceeds look like they will be going to "The One Fund" Please share and re-post.

Event Page

Dark Elf Designs facebook

For more information on The One Fund or to donate separate from the book, visit their website.

Dark Elf Designs twitter page

"When is the deadline for art?"
May 31st

"to whom do we email the artwork?" is fine make sure if it is over 10 megs to e-mail it via sendspace, or yousendit, or dropbox or some such client.

"What size and format is the book?"
Standard comic format or proportionate to 11x17. Pplease make sure all of your images are about 300 dpi and proportionate to 11"x17" pages. Images can be black and white or full color."

"Do you have a publisher?"
Dark Elf Designs is a publisher.

"When the books are complete are you going to sell them on your site?"
I will probably have links to them and just put them on Indy Planet as well as several other digital downloads services.

"When do you tentatively think the books will be done?"
Hopefully not very long after the deadline for the images (May 31st, 2013). Lets put a tentative date at June something. (hopefully early June but Let's just get all the images in first.)