Monday, January 15, 2007

ATTENTION: Writers, Artists, and Creators!

Setting an Idol fire!

by Ian Shires

Well, we have begin blowing the embers of the Idol bonfire, tossing on some new fuel, and guess what...the ol' contest has plenty of life to burst into a whole new flame in 2007. Analogies aside, it's looking like this year's going to be the biggest yet...both in participation, and media coverage. If you haven't seen elsewhere already, check out the Idol 07 page for the guidelines. We're so excited about it, we may just explode. So that's the lead story for the week: Idol Starting....Nuff Said!!! You'll note that we're back down to one ad over there to the right for the Kick Start this week. If we haven't made it clear: We'll post a FREE AD there of that size for a week. The Dimestore homepage is viewed tens of thousands of times a week. All you have to do is add a "Self Publisher Association" tag on your Comicspace - then let us know! Oh, and THANK YOU to Angry Dog Press for the PAID ad. We haven't seen many of those, and we really need them. I keep touting the hits we're getting...and folks, we jumped by over 100% on the per hour hits since last week due to Idol rummblings, this is a GREAT time to put up a cheap banner at the top of the site. Of the Banners in rotation right now, there are NONE that have been seen LESS than 15,000 times (one has 60,000 displays), nor been clicked FEWER than 200 times (and that's not the one viewed the least, oddly enough. That one has over 300 clicks recorded. Anyway, point being: Don't you want to be seen?

For More Information on the Joining up with the Small Press Idol check it out over here...