Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Absence of Presence

Spring is well... springing! and any Dark Elf Fans and many members know what this means.. it's the spring edition of the Motor City Comic Convention. for those of you who didnt get money to us in time to join the group just ask to be by Derek Baillie, Brian Germain, Roberto Armstrong and that should just about do it but there are no guarantees beyond this point.

I have been ultimately preparing myself for a move in venue for my personal life in addition I have been cleaning off my dinosaur of a computer that is incredibly full of dark elf related material, and attempting to switch over to a newer faster stronger much meaner machine. this new mahine will also help me fix some e-mail problems many of you maybe realize the e-mail is bouncing alot... why you ask? because it is getting that full, that fast!!! anyway dont think by any means that we are down for the count because from where I am standing we are just getting started. However if we have been too busy to get back to you just keep resubmitting or sending us information every month or so and we will do our best. forgive our dust and currently slow turn around times.