Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Tuesday, May 08, 2007
Artist, Writer and Creator Larry Lonsby Jr. is bringing his "World of Tezlon" to Dark Elf Designs. Joining forces with his Tezlon: The Swordsman, Tezlon: Glance of Time, and coming soon Tezlon: War of Darkness titles. You can check out more about Tezlon at www.tezlon.com Larry has been a Dark Elf Designs member since 2002. He has worked for several different companies, and is the head of Tezlon Comics.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Gryphon #0, The Sorrow Anthology, and MoonShadow #0

Soon on Indy Planet and thus this website you'll be able to order copies of Moonshadow#0 Variant Edition, The Sorrow (full anthology edition), and The Gryphon #0!

They Just went out to the printers and everything is looking pretty smooth. PISTOLFIST Creator and Dark Elf Member J.S. Earls presents four fabulous tales of childhood abuse, all from different authors and artists, in "The Sorrow" edited by Our own P. Anthony Mast.

Justin Faber makes his Graphical comic book Debut in "The Gryphon" the story of a man without an identity trying to help others figure out their identities! Sorcery, ESP, and a Dragon! How could a man with a near photographic memory like Jack Griffin forget who he is? find out in this beautifully illustrated "grunge" style book, starting with "The Gryphon #0".

Have you read the Phenomenon that is "MoonShadow" yet? You know the comic that sold over a thousand issues by hand? You know the one that sold 30 copies in the first thirty minutes it's box was opened? You Haven't? Well guess what! Today's your lucky day because the original "MoonShadow #0" with an all new variant edition cover has just been sent to the printer! and very soon you will be able to order all three of these great titles at IndyPlanet.com

Come Play In Our Universe!

-Brian Germain