Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Come to Xcape CON1

Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Gryphon Rises and Xcape CON1 is just around the corner!

So by now you have all know that Moonshadow #0, J.S. Earls' (Creator Writer on PISTOLFIST) The Sorrow #0, Larry Lonsby's, Tezlon: The Swordsman, CORE Studios Bushi: Warrior Caste, and Shadowstorm can all be found on Indy Planet Just do a search for whatever title your looking for an Ka-Blam! there you are! Now the long awaited title from the Minds of David Allen Flanary Jr. Co-Writer on PISTOLFIST Brian Germain, Creator of MoonShadow, DreamWeaver, and founder of Dark Elf Designs. With Hot New Grunge artist Justin Faber, Would like you to all go buy a copy of The Gryphon Get yours today just in time for Xcape CON1 Then come to Xcape CON1 and get your Comics signed by some of their writers and artists!