Wednesday, November 28, 2012

For those of you who haven't heard Dark Elf Designs very own Jwan Jordan is working his way toward a rather lofty but attainable goal. With your help Affairs of the Mind can be made into an epic strategy rpg video game.  The goal is set at $175,000 with only 58 days left to meet it. That's why Dark Elf Designs is telling all its fans to check it out and try to help him raise the money the prizes and rewards are great and the final product is looking amazing check out the screen shot above.  If you are interested in funding or sending others to learn more about it follow this link...

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dark Elf 2.0

Greeting fans, friends, and fellow Dark Elves. For far too long it has seemed like Dark Elf Designs has been idle.  We have in fact made little in the way of forward motion in the last year, however instead we have been moving in more lateral directions building foundations and getting ready for the next incarnation of the company that has brought you such awesome comic, art, design, and content for over ten years.  Next year Dark Elf Designs celebrates the anniversary of its flagship title MoonShadow we hope to bring you even more great books soon. we have plenty of books scripted and people under contract for said books. We have lots of new content and expansions on old content. Our company's mission statement will be set about in a newer, more firm, time-tested business model. Or contractees will have a better understanding of what their responsibilities to Dark Elf Designs are as well as DED's responsibilities to them.

This bold new direction for the company is not so much a change from the original ideas of the company but hopefully it will prove to be a better more fruitful, way of bringing those ideas to realization. So stay vigilant my fellow comic fans and lovers of all things geek. Keep an eye on things to come and "like" / follow us on facebook and so on. We are at the dawn of a new era for comics and we are on the precipice of new technologies and networks that will help affirm our position as one of the indy mainstays in the comics world.

Thank you for your loyalty, faith, and good will. All of us here at Dark Elf Designs hope you enjoy the holiday season, and have a great new year!