Friday, September 16, 2005

Motor City Convention- Fall Edition


Hey all sorry about the inconveniences and lack of communications and updates on the website. We have been having computer and personal issues aplenty to deal with but I assure you we will be ready for the October 15th-16th, Motor City Comic Convention at the NEW "Rock Financial Showplace" on Grand River avenue in Novi, MI
Hopefully we have addressed most of the computer issues and I am starting to be able to deal with the personal issues a little more objectively so we can get things moving on track once again. And we look forward to have a great year next year as we get some projects doen to finish out this year. I will try to have David Update our Project list a.s.a.p.

We have several new updates waiting to go up and a new section as well as the continued overhaul of the website please check back frequently to learn more.

-Brian Germain


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