Saturday, December 22, 2007

End of Year Shutdown

Starting December 26th and ending January 14th Dark Elf Designs will have a midwinter shutdown. What does this mean exactly? Well the site will still be up and some of DED's member's will be reachable. Brian Germain will be out of town for about three weeks and therefore unreachable. feel free to send e-mail still but don't expect a swift reply and don't be surprised if your e-mail bounces back to you the mailbox fills up fast. When we return we will be scheduling a live Michigan member meeting as well as a web based meeting done via the yahoo group or yahoo messenger or some other predetermined chat client. AIM, MSN, YAHOO, TRILLIAN, etc. For our customers, our Cafepress Store will remain open (check out the online store and banner links for more info) and our nooks will still be available through, The only thing that is changing is re-organizing the business profile, doing inventory and doing contracts. for everything else including the MySpace page it's business as usual. for our partner companies and affiliates please go check their websites for more information. By the way while you're having a Happy Holiday please be sure to drop by and check out the preview of the MoonShadow #0 comic as well as The Gryphon #0 preview.

Thanks for your patience and please check back for more news and Information.

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