Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Make the Xcape!!!

The year 2007 Dark Elf Designs and it’s associates brought you a convention, its purpose to create an Xcape from the average convention in an attempt to make the guests feel like "guests" again and to make the patrons feel like they are getting their money’s worth. Tired of over-priced conventions the founders of this con created a united front dedicated to the idea that Honesty, Integrity, and Fellowship were more than just ideas for movies and comic books, they were a way of life. United we can create conventions that patrons and guests alike will want to return to again and again. This Phenomenon known as XcapeCON Busted out of its ideological prison and gained substance in the form of XcapeCON1 thrown together in roughly six weeks the turnout was more than we could have hoped for. Nearly a thousand people made the trek to Mid-Michigan, where they were greeted with friendly faces, sights and sounds the likes of which many had never previously experienced. With no TV and nor Radio advertising based on a flyer and web campaign of advertisement the success of XcapeCON1 was phenomenal. 70 tables with over 100 guests sold out in six weeks, over 1,000 patrons came to see Fat Momma (Who Wants to be a Superhero) and Jason Carter (Babylon5). This year the founders of XcapeCON are seeking to out do themselves with XcapeCON2 and their "BREAKOUT" After party.

XcapeCON2 doubles the amount of participating table spaces, as well as the number of guests and vendors. XcapeCON2 is projecting triple or more for attendance and will be doing web, television, radio, and newspaper advertising along with a vicious 12 month flyer campaign to over 100 stores, events, festivals and conventions. All of this and still keeping the same great low entry costs as well as the same great low exhibitor fees, not to mention FREE PARKING!!!

XcapeCON2 Promises many events including a costume contest, door prizes and Pre-reg. Ticket Sales giveaways including a Nintendo Wii, and a World of Warcraft Game pack. Events Include, Cosplay, Art Contests, Gaming, Anime Screenings, Indy & Fan Film Screenings, Guest Speakers and More!

Now XcapeCON2 Needs You! Artists, Patrons, Cosplayers, Writers, Models, Volunteers, Crafters, Comic Creators, Authors, Publishers, Novelists, and anyone with a mind to be creative to make this XcapeCON every bit as successful as the first one and even better!

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