Friday, June 26, 2009

Tangled Webs and the Death of a Superstar.

Michael Jackson Died yesterday and the world has lost a superstar. He wasn't always popular and he didn't always shine as brightly as most people remember him for. After the slew of allegation that pretty much ruined his career I almost see his heart attack as peace of mind from a world who loved him and ridiculed him. This world our earth is great because at times we not only learn to deal with the differences of others, but instead in fact celebrate them. When people get famous there are always clingers on and new found "friends" that wish to take advantage and exploit those differences. It is sad that in the day and age we live in that because someone is eccentric and different they become the target of ridicule, ostracism, and even violence. I know there was a time in recent history when Michael's entire race was shunned. It seems a sad statement on the face of history that in the year following the election of the first African American President of the United States, That it's first African American King of Pop, Rock and Soul has died of a broken heart. Let us look at the career of this legend and note that history should never repeat itself like this. O.J. Was acquitted and no one is hounding him, but Michael Jackson was acquitted twice and there were those that pursued him all the way to his death.
Every time an artist dies a little piece of me seems to feel like it goes with them. Michael Jackson was indeed among the many, but sadly compared with the rest of the world we artists are among the few. Let us hope this day society will stop pointing blame and fingers so much at everyone else because of their differences and point some back at themselves for the shame they caused to a falling star.

-Brian Germain
Chief Executive Director
Dark Elf Designs LLC

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